Elvira & Co. dig Grass Clippings

“Mow, mow, mow your lawn…”

Yesterday I mowed the lawn and my “helpers” followed behind looking for bugs.

Here’s our newest little hen – “Elvira” (she’s goth) – digging for hidden treasure in the grass clippings. The traffic noise is from the country highway on the other side of the fence.

More info on the Ayam Cemani breed:This Goth Chicken Doesn’t Conform to Your Perfect Chicken Society

Right now we are using a gas-powered mower that came with the house we are renting. When we buy our own it will be an electric lawn mower with NO gas and NO fumes!

Gift Guide: if you are looking for a mower, check out these electric mowers by Earthwise.

Release the Klucken!

Release the Klucken! My helpful hubby lets the flock out of the coop every morning.

FYI: Those ‘ridges’ you see along the bottom, leading into the near distance, is their ramp that used to lead up to the coop’s ‘porch’ and entrance – pulled up because we found a couple of rodent freeloaders taking the ramp up and down!