Homesteaders Guide

Hi there – Welcome to Homesteaders Guide!

Whether you’re a bona-fide modern-day homesteader; someone who feels stuck in the city, longing for the country, who grows anything & everything that you can, and has a vision board chock full of that rural life that you’ve felt pulling your soul out & onward; or any permutation in between – we know that you’re out there, and we want to help you to achieve or better live the life of your dreams.

Think that you know what homesteading is? Well, you probably do, sort of…though the definition is widely expressed by myriad people who hail from all walks of life – meaning that how you define homesteading varies from even your best pal who’s also in pursuit of those ideals.

To that end, we envision that this site will bring something new & unique to the scene.

We’re aiming to be an aggregator of sorts – helping those in search of a sustainable, closer-to-nature lifestyle to fulfill their goals, while doing so as intelligently, efficiently, economically, gracefully, and stylishly as possible! We plan to have a wide roster of resources, of people pursuing their passions, who share their hard-earned lessons, tips, tricks, what to’s (and not to’s) with others in the wider homesteading community. Additionally, we hope to go not only widely, but deeply – to take you inside some of the more unique aspects of living a self-sustaining life.

Come with us on our journey – I guarantee that your destination’s near ours!

Please feel encouraged to contact us with any questions, ideas, recommendations, concerns, or wisdom that you have to share! Of course we have our own concepts in the works, but we’re envisioning a community of folks who collaborate and create as a function of our connectedness – what better way to live that than by contributing at the get-go?

We’re reviewing the plans & getting ready to lay the building foundations . . . so stay tuned – we’re on the case and will be ready to open the garden gates soon!